PlaceGPTW 2023

We are the best place to work in Argentina

We have a secret sauce to make Gen be Gen.

  • Share a common purpose.
  • Share values and demonstrate them most of the time.
  • Each one of us loves what the do and we are good on it.

We offer an outstanding service experience, transforming the life of the people and guiding organizations to the digital innovation.

They are the key component of Gen's essence, our principles, the non-negotiables, what defines us. It is the difference between having or not having THE GEN.

What does the world think about Gen IT?

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  1. We know each other

    We build a cool and relaxed workspace, where we enjoy a nice chat to find the common ground, understanding what we're passionate about, what inspire us and where we aim for. We celebrate diversity, providing growth possibilities to anyone that has the GEN.

    The important part: Be YOURSELF!
  2. We chose each other

    We loved to meet... WE MATCHED

    We found that you have the GEN. We're compromised to build a growing path with professionalism, fun and nice moments together.

  3. We treat ourselves

    • We celebrate your first year
    • All your presents are personalized because we know you and we know what you like
    • If you come to the office, we enjoy a nice lunch with us (the tab is on GEN, of course)
    • Day off on your birthday
    • Extended maternity leave
    • English classes and training
    • We plan two parties a year
    • Hybrid work plan: we choose when we meet
  4. We plan a lifetime together

    We want to provide you with a superior service experience throughout your journey at Gen. That's why we meet during your first week, your first month, your third month, and every six months to know how you are, how you feel, if we are still focused, if there is something we could do differently to improve your experience, enhance your career, and support you in life.